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Employees are the lifeblood of any organisation. Happy employees are healthier, more efficient and contribute positivity back into their organisations, increasing morale. MindBerry is able to offer a bespoke solution to reach every one of your employees ensuring that they have access to professional psychological services whenever and wherever they need them.

No matter the size, sector or scope of your business, MindBerry can support your employees in supporting you.

How does it work?

MindBerry will work with your organisation to develop a bespoke portal exclusively for your organisation. Selected employees of your organisation will be able to access psychological services and other features via their own unique dashboard. All features are fully customisable to your organisation's house style, content and logo.

From the portal, employees will be able to select and book sessions with our professionals, exchange files and notes and work to resolve any issues they may have. MindBerry is able to supply anonymous feedback to your organisation via an anonymous dashboard about how the service is being used.

Why MindBerry?

MindBerry is uniquely able to offer unprecedented psychological support to your staff, no matter where they are in the world. All of our professionals are thoroughly vetted and highly qualified; usually with lived-experience in your organisation's industry or sector.

Sessions can be accessed either digitally through a bespoke encrypted video, audio or instant messaging interface to your specification.

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Our highly-trained & vetted therapists offer compassionate and non-judgmental service on a variety of subjects and psychotherapeutic modalities. MindBerry can also match you with a therapist based on your needs. Feeling coy starting the session? You can decide to let your therapist start the session and take it from there.

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