Building Bridges

What are the foundations of a good relationship? Trust, communication, respect, mutual interest, authenticity or perhaps just love? Each relationship takes time and effort to flourish and it is important that couples are working together to achieve a healthy relationship with each other.

However, sometimes it is important for a couple to re-evaluate their feelings to progress in the relationship.

Working together

A solid communication between partners is fundamental to avoid conflicts which may be bottled up and ignored by one or both partners. Disagreements are very common in all types of relationships and the main objective is to speak openly about anything that is on your mind with your partner.

With MindBerry you can seek couples therapy and start your session alone before your other half joins you.

Couples May Struggle With…

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We offer a flexible, convenient and affordable service that is available, irrespective of where you are in the world. Whatever you choose, MindBerry is dedicated to giving you as much flexibility as you need when it comes to scheduling an appointment, price comparison and sharing thoughts in your own time.

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Our platform offers you ‘real time’ therapy with vetted therapists who know how to customise their sessions to the needs of each couple. You can receive therapy via video, audio or text-messaging communication. There is the option to let MindBerry select your therapist based on your subject matter in your profile.

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