Old and fabulous

‘With age comes wisdom’ goes the saying but it is never too late to start therapy whatever age you are. Senior citizens have a wealth of life experience but, for some, there are still unresolved issues with themselves, families or friends.

Not only has the elderly community survived war and global changes, but, according to recent studies conducted in Europe, there will 50% more people over 60 in the next few decades, creating a rising demand for pensions, home and care-givers.

This suggests that elderly people’s physical wellbeing and emotional care is becoming paramount to adequately prepare for the future.

What to expect from MindBerry?

MindBerry includes therapy tailored to elderly people and the challenges they might experience. When entering a certain decade, one wonders about the regrets, unresolved business or life in general and where it’s all going.

It’s not uncommon to worry about retirement, money & family worries, loneliness, death or coping with infirmity. MindBerry can help you gain access to a professional who will listen empathically and focuses on you. We offer free technical support for those who need guidance and instructions on how to use MindBerry on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

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Counsellors / Therapists

Our wide network of qualified and experienced psychotherapists is available to help you engage with issues that occur when entering older age. The process will involve reflecting on your psychological well-being and the therapist will use their expertise to engage effectively with you. You can browse through all MindBerry therapist and see who you could feel most comfortable with or let us match you, based on your needs.

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