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Starting University or College life can be exciting but it can also be daunting. More people decide to go to University or College nowadays to earn a degree and the competition amongst students to enter institutions is as fierce as the job market.

The prerequisites are more demanding and students are required to spend extensive hours studying and attending lectures.

Studying Stress?

It is not surprising that more students experience a high level of stress and pressure during their studies. Some students may also deal with isolation, bullying or just feeling unsettled at University.

Today, most academic institutions offer students services to support their mental well-being.

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Whatever you are experiencing, MindBerry offers professional, affordable and flexible therapy sessions irrespective of geographical location. You can connect with a therapist within 24 hours via smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer and let your session begin.

Your data is 100% secure and your sessions are confidential. You can link with a therapist via a video call, audio call or text-messaging.

Furthermore, we provide information and links on services and subjects that may concern you or a friend.

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Our highly-trained & vetted therapists offer compassionate and non-judgmental service on a variety of subjects and psychotherapeutic modalities. MindBerry can also match you with a therapist based on your needs. Feeling coy starting the session? You can decide to let your therapist start the session and take it from there.

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