What to expect?

Through the advantages of technology, online counselling offers a more flexible and modern stance in the way we receive counselling and psychotherapy. As the word whispers, you have to be 'online', which means connected to the internet before you can connect with a professional and this can be done using a technological device.

You must have access to your own, or have owner's permission to use one of the following:
At MindBerry you can have different types of sessions with qualified and vetted counsellors & therapists and they are as follows:
This is where you engage in a video communication with the counsellors or therapists.
This is where you engage in a audio communication with the counsellors or therapists.
This is where you and the counsellors or therapists write live messages to each other.

During the session, you can talk or write to your counsellors / therapists and let them know what is on your mind. You decide the pace and how much you want to share. After each session, you can make notes on your MindBerry dashboard and see any upcoming and previous sessions that you have had.

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