Professional Supervision Summary

Expertise you can rely upon

At MindBerry, all of our professionals are allocated clinical supervisors to ensure that they are delivering the best service to all of our clients. A clinical supervisor will only be told specific details of the cases a professional is assisting with; confidentiality and privacy is always maintained. Clinical supervision is a standard part of any professional psychotherapy career, and at MindBerry, we are proud to be able to facilitate and enhance the professional development of all our professionals who are part of our platform.

Select Specialist Supervision

In today’s multifaceted and sophisticated world, many professionals are encountering issues that are entirely new to them. Whether it be internet addiction or LGBT issues, professionals are constantly playing catch-up with the issues that their clients are bringing to them in the therapy space.

At MindBerry, we offer the unique opportunity for a professional to seek issue dependent supervision from an expert in the field, right on our platform. If your regular supervisor has no experience in a particular issue, you can request to speak to another supervisor specialising in any issue(s) that your clients may face. This guarantees that the client gets the best psychological help, the professional gets the best advice and the supervisor provides expert guidance on their specialist field. It’s just one of the many win-win-win situations that MindBerry offers to all our users.

About our supervisors

All of our supervisors are professional clinicians with at least ten years of therapeutic experience. They all hold suitable supervision qualifications and many are able to adequately supervise both online and offline therapeutic interactions. All of our professionals maintain a strong professional relationship with one (or more) supervisor(s) ensuring that the high standards that MindBerry insists upon are exceeded for the benefit of all our users.