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At MindBerry we aim to make professional mental health and well-being services affordable and accessible. Whether you are in need of professional support, or you just want to proactively manage your mental well-being, we can help.

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We vet and approve all of the professionals working on our platform. Whether you are looking for counselling, therapy or coaching; our network of qulaified and experienced professionals is waiting to work with you.

Use our searchable database to find the person who’s style and experience is best suited to your needs.

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Struggling with depression?
Talk to our verified counsellors and start taking back control of your life.
Do you feel overwhelmed with things?
MindBerry connects you with a counsellor that will listen and understand your situation.
Feeling angry all the time?
You can learn techniques to deal your anger in a different way. Make an appointment today.
Eating Disorder
Do you feel that your eating habits are out of control?
We have counsellors who specialize in the field of eating disorders and provide ongoing support.
Having lost someone recently or struggling to come to terms with change?
Our Counsellors offer a compassionate and sympathetic service.
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You can read and learn more about topics that are relevant to you or someone you know