LGBT Overview

The LGBT community has fought relentlessly for greater equality and acceptance in society for decades.

More recently, the LGBT group has made historic leaps forward with promoting legalisation of same-sex marriage, same-sex adoption in many countries and in implementing the legal rights of LGBT workers. However, there are still many parts of the world where being LGBT is a criminal offence that could lead to prosecution.

Identifying as LGBT

Studies show that LGBT individuals are three times more susceptible to mental health issues than heterosexuals. They are prone to exposure to bullying, physical or psychological abuse and statistically are more likely to self-harm. Many people still suffer from discrimination in silence and can go on to develop anxiety and depression.

What can MindBerry offer?

We offer stigma-free online therapy that acknowledges and respects each client’s decision about their sexual identity. MindBerry does not discriminate its LGBT clients or therapists on grounds of sexual orientation and believes everyone deserves access to proper mental healthcare.

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What we can do for you

If you have access to the internet, you can use MindBerry right away, it’s that simple. Our services are available to you for sharing whatever it is that you want to talk about, whether you are in a cab on your way to work, at home on the sofa or wanting to talk to someone on your way home after a night out. You can use MindBerry at your convenience on the web or mobile.

Save Money

Traditional face-to-face therapy is more costly than other therapeutic services. With MindBerry you have the choice of selecting your preferred method of therapy and this could save you more money than expected.

100% Safe

You have the choice of receiving therapy anonymously and, rest assured, all our communications are encrypted and kept strictly between you and your therapist.

We know how difficult it is to reveal sensitive information and want to give you reassurance that your information is 100% protected.

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We work with an abundance of LGBT therapists who understand the struggle you have been through. They have experience working with LGBT clients and will support you in any way they can. You have the option to let MindBerry match you with a therapist based on your personal requirements and needs.

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