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Approved mental health & therapy professsionals

Offer your services online to a large pool of clients

Are you a mental health professional, qualified coach, or wellbeing expert? Access a growing pool of professional clients. Expand your reach and efficiency by managing and offering your services online, using our practice management tools.

How you benefit

MindBerry supports a large client base and gives you the tools to help them effectively. Clients from a primarily professional background can book and attend sessions online, while mental health professionals can schedule and manage their appointments.

  • approved mental health professional

    One intuitive platform

  • approved mental health professional in UK

    Most sessions conducted online

  • mental health professional

    Practice from anywhere

  • mental health professional in UK

    Access to monthly group sessions with clinical supervision

  • Trusted payment system - MindBerry

    MindBerry handles transactions

An intuitive online platform

Access a growing pool of clients and expand your reach and efficiency. Use our online practice management tools to manage the mental health, coaching, and wellbeing services you offer.

Manage your profile - MindBerry

Manage your profile

Register as an individual or a professional practice and build your profile according to your expertise. Clients will be able to view the profile and make enquiries or bookings on it.

Organise Appointments - MindBerry

Organise appointments

List your availability for sessions on the platform and use it to manage your workload accordingly. You decide how many clients to accept.

Trusted payment system - MindBerry

Trusted payment system

Payments are handled through MindBerry’s secure and trusted payment system. You won’t have to deal with transactions beyond the platform, nor will you have to wait for payments to process before you can begin sessions.

Communications portal - MnindBerry

Communications portal

Communicate easily with clients through video, audio, or instant messaging. Contact is kept simple and discreet while remaining easily accessible for both client and mental health professional.

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