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MindBerry: Pioneering Mental Health and Wellness Transformation

Empowering Minds, Enriching Lives

MindBerry Group, a trailblazing platform integrating technology to connect individuals with mental health professionals, is dedicated to empowering minds globally. Founded in 2016 by Sandra de Monte, the company addresses the critical need for mental health support in corporate settings. De Monte, inspired by her experience in financial services, pursued education in Integrative Psychotherapy to bridge the gap in mental health services.

MindBerry offers a range of personalised mental health services, including 1-2-1 therapy, counselling, and workplace wellness sessions. The platform, with over 170 professionals from 21 nationalities and 27 languages, addresses challenges from anxiety to personal growth. Self-help tools like breathing exercises and mindfulness, accessible through the client portal, enhance inclusivity.

To stay current, MindBerry emphasises evidence-based practices and continuous education for its professionals. An upcoming resilience app, developed with a prestigious European University, leverages digital solutions for emotional resilience. The company fosters ongoing client engagement through diverse strategies and programmes, promoting active management of mental health between sessions.

Confidentiality is paramount, with strict data protection and encryption for client-therapist interactions. MindBerry prioritises a supportive work environment, understanding its impact on the quality of care. Regular group supervision and a focus on work-life balance contribute to staff wellbeing.

Looking ahead, MindBerry is excited about the launch of its resilience app in Q1 2024, aiming to broaden accessibility. Plans include expanding the client base domestically and internationally, delivering mental health solutions in more languages and regions. The company’s commitment to inclusivity and destigmatisation remains at the forefront of its mission.

Sandra de Monte, recognised as the Most Influential Tech Health Care Businesswoman in London, leads MindBerry with dedication. The company’s achievements, including acknowledgment as one of the “5 Best Mental Health and Wellness Service Providers 2024″ by CIO Bulletin, reflect its commitment to unlocking inner strength, resilience, and happiness through therapeutic services and innovative tools.

This excerpt is from a Q&A article featured in CIO Bulletin, January 2024. Read the full article here.

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